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Batavia High School Art & Media Program


Courses and Academic Club

Listed below are the various courses currently offered at Batavia High School through the Art & Media Department. Please scroll down to the bottom to read more about repeatable coursework and our National Art Honor Society academic chapter. For individual course information, go to Courses in our menu main.  






Art Fundamentals: Art Fundamentals is a prerequisite for the upper level art courses listed below except for seniors. 

Senior students may take two upper level courses without having taken Art Fundamentals.



Additional Courses

2D Art

3D Art

Advanced 2D Art 

Advanced 3D Art

Fashion Design I + II

Interior Design I + II

Advanced Art - Independent Study


AP Portfolio

Advanced Placement Studio Art



Photography I

Photography II

Photography - Independent Study


    Graphic Communications         


Intro to Graphic Communications

Commercial & Advertising Art

Game Art & Design 

Emerging Technologies in Graphics

Graphic Internship

Graphic Portfolio

    Video Production        


Video Production I

Video Production II

Video Production III

Video Production - Independent Study

    Independent Study    

Many of the advanced Art & Media courses are exploratory in nature. They present students with problems that have a multitude of artistic solutions. Students are introduced to a variety of techniques and select the ones that will best benefit their individualized outcome. The courses are designed to meet the needs of all levels through conferencing one-on-one and encouraging personal growth. Each student has a personalized goal. Courses are repeatable through Independent Study in which they would have new problems to solve and would be pushed to create work beyond their previous level. All repeatable courses may not be repeated in the same school year; they may be repeated in a subsequent year.


Independent Study is based on teacher approval, teacher availability, and quality of previous coursework.

National Art Honor Society

Looking for a way to get to know your fellow art students better while giving back to the community? Join National Art Honor Society. Each member of NAHS completes 20+ hours of community service a year while also helping to plan and run our Fine Arts Festival in the spring.  Students of this club also maintain a 3.0 general GPA as well a 3.4 GPA in art courses. Juniors and Seniors are invited to join in the fall of each year. To join you must have the required GPA as well as have taken one art course. In order to graduate with NAHS honors students must complete the mandated service hours, maintain GPA requirements, attend our monthly meetings and have completed at least 3 art courses. Contact Ms. Zalkus (dawn.zalkus@bps101.netif you have questions or interest in NAHS.

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