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AP Art 


Advanced Placement Studio Art



Prerequisite: Students need to complete two of the following advanced art courses in order to qualify for AP Art


Ceramics: Art and Society

Drawing: Art and Philosophy 

Painting: Art and Politics

Sculpture: Art and Identity



Level: Jr, Sr


Semester course: 1 credit


Available Fall Semester


Fee: $80


Advanced Placement Studio Art focuses on preparing students for the AP Studio Art portfolio submission. There are three types of portfolios for student to choose from: Drawing, 2D design, and 3D design. Each AP portfolio consists of three sections: quality, breadth, and concentration. In the AP studio art class students will work on creating a thematic body of work that will fulfill the concentration section of their chosen portfolio. If a student has already completed the concentration section they will work to complete their breadth section of the portfolio. A complete AP Studio Art portfolio will not be completed over the duration of the course. Students will be

asked to fill in missing pieces with work from previous courses, summer work, or to request an independent study to complete the

portfolio. Portfolio submission is not required to take the course. A “C” or better in previous art courses is suggested. Not all supplies

are covered by the course fee; due to the individual nature of the class students will be required to collect materials specific to their own

art making needs.


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