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Jennifer Carpenter

The moment my hand was able to print out words in intelligible sentences was the moment I began creatively writing, and I've never looked back. Creativity comes in various forms and for me it started with expressing myself through written pieces, progressed to include expressing myself through music, and eventually evolved into expressing myself through videography. 

I originally went to school to study music and ended up graduating with a BA in English and Writing. In the years after graduating I worked at Mooseheart Child City & School where my love for video production developed and grew. It started with making fun movies with the youth in my home, and from there I wanted to learn more. I went back to school for video production, interned with BATV, and then had the opportunity to collaborate with the executive director of Mooseheart to create various and sundry videos for the organization. 

I spent some years as a content writer, videographer, and marketing associate where I worked with external companies on commercials, promos, and content for their websites; I also did similar work for a company that made educational apps and software for students with learning disabilities. 


After getting my Career and Technical Educator's license I began to work full time for Batavia High School. I absolutely love working with the students. It fills me with joy when I can witness their ideas turning into finished pieces. I get ecstatic when students who took the class just for fun realize that this is something they could see themselves doing as a career. Their creativity continues to spark mine and I love every minute of it. As a poet, creative writer, spoken word artist, musician, and filmmaker, my goal is to influence my students to never stop creating. Never stop finding ways to express yourself. Don't let fear hinder you. Show your creativity to the world and set yourself free.

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