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Kathleen Tieri Ton


I find teaching graphic arts so inspiring, because it is a way to take ideas, images, and all forms of expression into the public space in a really accessible way. I love helping students learn that and new ways to share their ideas with the world. In high school I was very involved with the graphics program in addition to photography, newspaper, stage crew, and writing groups. Anything that supported people being creative and unique - I was there! Still, it took me a long time to realize (or feel comfortable admitting!) that I was an artist, because I felt like artists had to be naturally gifted at drawing and painting. Still I knew I needed a creative life! I studied studio art at Indiana University in Bloomington, and then after a few years of working all kinds of interesting jobs, I decided I wanted my work life to be more connected to the community. I studied at Columbia College Chicago and received my Master’s in Art Education. I am so happy to be teaching Batavia High School (and to be now living in Batavia!). I love how expressive the students are, while also being so open to new and different ideas. 


Graphics: make them your own!

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Professional Contributions

  • Professional Artistic Work

    • Printmaking, painting, graphic design

    • Tieri Ton Books & Paper, Co-Founder

  • Exhibitions

    • Artisan Collective, Batavia, IL - 2016-present

    • Little Pieces Exhibit, Batavia Fine Arts Centre - 2016

    • Works in Progress Exhibit, Kewanna, IN - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

  • Presenter

    • 2017 VALEES Conference - Creative Practice and the Importance of Making  

    • 2018 VALEES Conference - Increasing Business Advisory Engagement: A Panel Discussion 

  • Pride Alliance Sponsor​

book covers

printmaking process


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