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Lucy Jensen

As I’ve started my teaching journey, I’ve been focusing on the big idea of discovery. Through discovery I want the students to form self-art which will further their mental and emotional development and self awareness. People discover new things about the world and themselves every day and the special thing about art is that an artist almost never stops exploring the world through their art. I will be teaching many different students throughout my career and I hope to guide them to new art mediums, techniques, and spark a passion in them for self-expression through art. 


I want to encourage my students to let their true selves be known by maintaining a judgment-free classroom. This allows for a safe and fun environment where the students feel comfortable and able to create passionate art. Having such a great experience in my art classes as a student grew my love for art and has helped me identify the teaching styles I want to use with my students.

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Professional Contributions

  • Art Club Sponsor

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