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NIU High School Invitational



Northern Illinois University annually hosts an exhibition of high school artwork produced by students in the northern Illinois region. This exhibition is sponsored by the NIU School of Art Awards.  Local high school teachers are asked to submit their best two student artworks, making this exhibition very distinguished in the local Illinois region. Throughout the day of the exhibition, students who had their artwork submitted are invited to NIU and have the opportunity to explore an array of new media, creating their own unique pieces.



For more information, please visit the Olson Gallery website

Adam Miller

Allison Treger

Isabelle Danielson

Erin Gray

Anna Niedermeier

Ashley Krypel

Alli Gearhart

Isabel Walker

Alex Davis

Amanda Flens

Sam Viorin

Jessica Duschean

Rahel Luescher

Devin Couturier

Shelby Key

Isabel Walker

Molly Moon

Taylor Knuth

Dane McKittrick

Madison Fell

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