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VALEES Graphic Communications Student of the Year Competition


This is held annually at Waubonsee Community College and sponsored by Valley Education for Employment System (VALEES).  The competition consists of two components: the team challenge and the individual portfolio challenge. 


  • The team challenge includes completing a branding design campaign for a client and presentation before a panel of business advisory members.  (This is a new update to the program.  Prior to 2022, one student did both the design campaign and portfolio, and it was only one award.)

  • The portfolio challenge includes preparing a personal portfolio of work that is also reviewed by the panel of business advisory members.


Schools within the program committee (Oswego HS, Oswego East HS, Indian Valley Vocational Center, Fox Valley Career Center, and Batavia High School) each send one team to compete.


BHS Winners

2023 - Eric Perkins & Lucas Rohan - Team Based Award

2022 - Rhiannon Dowdell - Portfolio Award

2019 - Sarah Anderson

2018 - Haley Stein

2017 - Claire Hammack


Rhiannon with winning portfolio

Business Advisory Panel with winning team

Social Media Carousel - Lucas & Eric

Lucas & Eric with their winning setup

Sarah Anderson

work by Sarah Anderson

work by Sarah Anderson

Haley Stein

work by Haley Stein

Claire Hammack

work by Claire Hammack

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