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Senior Awards



Art Awards


Outstanding Student Award: This outstanding artist has developed an innovative body of work with layers of meaning, essence of personal voice and conceptual themes. This student has demonstrated growth in the artistic process by pushing beyond the ordinary and has developed a personal style through experimentation with materials and techniques.


Be the Change Award: Honor, integrity, kindness, humility, and service, this award based on the Gandhi quote, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” recognizes an art student who gives back to the greater good and goes out of their way to help others.


Best in Show Award: Each year the AP Art Final Exam Portfolio Show is juried, and one student is selected as creating the strongest body of work both technically and conceptually. This award honors the winning AP student.

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Graphics Award

Outstanding Industrial Technology Student: The Outstanding Industrial Tech Award recognizes students who excel in the area of Graphic Arts, Drafting, or Building Trades. This award is presented to the student who has demonstrated the rigor which best exemplifies the statement of "Learning to Work in the 21st Century."

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