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Conference Show


This is an art competition in which each school in the conference is allowed to submit up to 15 artworks total to represent the best of their program. There are 10 award categories with five place awards possible in each, and an additional 30 honorable mentions allowed across all categories. This show is hosted by the Norris Cultural Arts Center in St Charles and is open to the public during regular hours and evening performances with a awards ceremony and reception to honor all participating students provided by the Conference Board.

click here for a list of conference awards


2023 - 2024 Dukane Art Conference Participants...


Digital Illustration_Rachel Argo_Fire Escape

Rachel Argo, "Fire Escape"

Sculpture_Jewelry_Zahra Ahmad_Stolen Dreams_Batavia

Zahra Ahmad, "Stolen Dreams"

Photography_Daliah Flores_Mack_Batavia

Daliah Flores, "Mack"

Time Arts Screenshot_Ryan Anderson_The Bird

Ryan Anderson, "The Bird" - Time Arts, 1st Place

Sculpture_Jewelry_Bella Muetze_I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams_Batavia

Bella Muetze, "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams"

Painting_Lydia Pynn_A Summer_s Brunch_Batavia

Lydia Pynn, "A Summer's Brunch" - Painting, 3rd Place

Photography_Kaytie Banahan_Anthophile_Batavia

Kaytie Banahan, "Anthophile"

Painting_Lily Desmond_An Essential Respite_Batavia

Lily Desmond, "An Essential Respite"

Painting_Lily Desmond_Fortified Hideaway_Batavia.jpg

Lily Desmond, "Fortified Hideaway" - Painting, Honorable Mention

GraphicDesign_LydiaPynn_Climate Change_Batavia-03

Lydia Pynn, "Climate Change" - Graphic Design, 1st Place

Graphic Design_Remi Musser_Stellarum Issue No.1_Batavia

Remi Musser, "Stellarum Issue No.1"

Drawing_Raye Taye_The Honest Men_Batavia

Raye Taye, "The Honest Men"

Drawing_Violet Ogoshi_Cognitive Distortions_Batavia

Violet Ogoshi, "Cognitive Distortions"

Drawing_Makenzie Harried_Hands That Hold Memories_Batavia

Makenzie Harried, "Hands That Hold Memories" - Drawing, Honorable Mention

Digital Photo_Daliah Flores_Chance_Batavia

Daliah Flores, "Chance"

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